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Mr. Liu Xiaolin, Chairman of Caresono Technology Co., Ltd condolences to the destitute households in the New Year in 2017

Helping the poor and sending warmth Mr. Liu Xiaolin, Chairman of Caresono Technology Co., Ltd, a record of the 2017 New Year's event to send warmth and love to condolences   The Spring Festival is approaching, and everyone is adding new clothes and preparing for the New Year. The streets are full of festival atmosphere. On January 16, 2017, Mr. Liu Xiaolin, chairman of Caresono Technology Co., Ltd, cooperated with the staff of Dandong Civil Affairs Bureau, braved the severe winter and the cold wind, and took the responsibility of caring for the poor and serving the society for ten The destitute households of the Yu family sent condolence materials and condolences, and came to their homes to care about their living conditions and sent love and warmth.   In this activity, more than 10 poor households were visited and condolences, and rice, oil, noodles, meat and other condolences and condolences were sent. Mr. Liu Xiaolin, chairman of our company, emphasized at the event: "Poverty alleviation and assistance is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and a corporate social responsibility. In the future, our company will continue to improve targeted poverty alleviation and implement effective measures to help more poor families as soon as possible. Get rid of poverty and become rich and go to a well-off society.”   Every time he went to a difficult family, Mr. Liu Xiaolin, chairman of Hande Technology, inquired in detail about their needs, desires, expectations, work and life, children's schooling, marital status, family income, migrant work and medical treatment, etc. They must establish the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties, face life positively and optimistically, and use their hard-working hands to create a happy and beautiful life with the help of the government and enterprises.   In fact, Mr. Liu Xiaolin has been committed to helping and supporting disadvantaged groups in society. Over the years, we have donated money and materials to the disaster-stricken areas many times, silently giving, not in return. Dandong Zhongding Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Liu Xiaolin. The company has nearly 100 disabled employees. While teaching them how to fish, they can also use their hard-working hands to create a happy and beautiful life.   Giving back to the society and caring for the society is the responsibility of the company. It is also Mr. Liu Xiaolin's wish to help these poor households and do their best. After visiting the last poor household, Mr. Liu Xiaolin said. In the future, he will continue to help these needy people for a long time, and decided to establish a charitable foundation within the company to help the poor in the society, and hopes to drive more entrepreneurs and caring people to participate in the poverty alleviation work through his practical actions. , let more poor families live a happy and beautiful life!    
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